2017 Chevrolet Bolt Is Officially On the Road

chevrolet bolt ev

Those three guys you see in the above photo? Well, you’re looking at brand new 2017 Chevrolet Bolt owners. The automaker handed over three sets of keys Tuesday, making good on its promise to start delivering the mass-produced all-electric car by the end of the year.

The three lucky amigos were specifically chosen for their affinity for EVs. One Bolt goes to retired police officer William Mattos. The Bolt becomes his third EV. He previously drove a Spark EV and a second-generation Volt. The other two Bolt owners are Bobby Edmonds and Steve Henry. Edmonds works as a software developer. The Bolt replaces his BMW i3. Henry works in real estate and ditches a Prius for his new Bolt.

The decision to deliver the first models in the San Francisco Bay Area keeps the competition on edge – the competition, in this case, being Tesla. Chevy delivered them practically at Tesla’s front door in Fremont, just east of San Francisco.

The Bolt gets a longer range than Tesla’s upcoming Model 3, for now anyway.  Chevy’s EV cruises 238 miles on one charge compared to the Model 3’s predicted range of 215 miles per charge. Though when the Model 3 launches by mid-2018 there’s no telling what the range will be.

The Bolt is priced at $37,495. But with available tax incentives, some drivers could get it as low as $29,995. As we recently reported, GM expects to initially loose $9,000 per Bolt since the EV market is still emerging. 

A national rollout begins in 2017, and a number of Northeast and Mid-Atlantic States including New York, Massachusetts, and Virginia will see first deliveries this winter. Chevy says look for the Bolt to arrive in additional major metro areas throughout the first half of 2017.

Photo Credit: Chevrolet

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