2017 Ford Mustang Door Issue Prompts Recall

2017 Ford Mustang

A serious safety issue involving driver’s side doors that could open in the event of a side-impact collision is prompting a 2017 Ford Mustang recall.

It affects about 6,000 models, most of which are in the United States. The models were built this year between January 13, 2017 and January 31, 2017 at Ford’s Flat Rock plant.

Somehow springs installed in the left-hand interior door handle weren’t put in correctly. So, in short, they might not keep the door closed like they are supposed to. Ford describes the problem like this:

“If the interior door handle return spring is unseated, the inertial loads experienced by the interior door handle may cause the door to unlatch during a side impact, increasing the risk of injury in a crash,” Ford warns.

Ford says it’s not aware of any accidents or injuries related to the issue.

Owners can expect recall notices and repairs will be done for free at dealers.  If you own one of these vehicles and have further questions,  Ford encourages you to call Ford Customer Service at (800) 392-3673 and ask about recall #17C04.

Photo Credit: Ford
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