2017 Ford Police Interceptor Goes Even Deeper Undercover

2016 Explorer Ford Police Interceptor

If you thought the already stealth Ford Police Interceptor Utility vehicle was hard to spot now, it’s about to become even more difficult. It’s going even deeper undercover with new rear spoiler traffic warning lights.

Ford just debuted Rear Spoiler Traffic Warning lights that go along with the “no-profile” Front Interior Visor Light Bar it launched earlier this year. We’re talking LED lights integrated into the rear spoiler. When they light up, you really see them. Until they do, you don’t see them at all.  They can also be programmed for red/red, blue/blue or amber operation, providing drivers with directional signaling information. Plus, auto-dimming capability can be programmed from full intensity down to 20 percent.

Ford says the factory-installed warning lights are better than available aftermarket products. Those hurt visibility because they extend into the rear window.  Ford’s don’t.

“Aftermarket light bars can impede visibility by hanging down over the glass,” said Stephen Tyler, Ford police brand marketing manager. “Our fully programmable Rear Spoiler Traffic Warning Lights are integrated into the spoiler, so agencies get their bright red, blue and amber LEDs with no compromise to rear visibility.”

The Front Interior Visor Light Bar is another covert feature that also makes it easier for officer’s to see out the front over aftermarket options.

The feature can be ordered now for the 2017 Police Interceptor Utility. As with all Ford-provided police vehicle options, Rear Spoiler Traffic Warning Lights come with a limited factory warranty.

Photo Credit: Ford

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