2017 Nissan Rogue One Star Wars Limited Edition

nissan rogue one star wars

In a city not so far away a limited model makes its debut. It’s the Nissan Rogue One Star Wars Limited Edition timed to coincide with the release of the new movie in December.

Nissan unveiled the model Wednesday at the Los Angeles Auto Show. There was plenty of Star Wars fanfare to go around, too.

Nissan teamed up with Lucasfilm to rig the special edition Rogue with some galaxy inspired touches. For starters, the exterior gets LED headlights, a black grille, a black lower trim piece on the front facia, black rear door trim, and black roof rails. The model gets the Rebel Alliance and Galactic Empire badges on the D-Pillars. The front doors show Rogue One badges. If storm trooper style doesn’t float your ship you’re sunk. The model only offers black and white paint colors.

Inside reminds you of your mission. It shows off special floor mats, door sills with an illuminated Star Wars logo, and Alliance and Empire logos in the cup holders.

Not sure Nissan recommends this for driving – but if you buy one of these Nissan will throw in a full-size wearable Death Trooper helmet.

The Rogue One will be available as a $1,990 package on the 2017 Rogue. Only 5,400 of the limited Rogue Ones will be sold in North America.  It’s only available on the SV trim with Sun and Sound Touring Package.

Reservations are open now if you want one of these limited models. Until then, may the force be with you.

Photo Credit: Nissan
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