2017 Ram 1500 Copper Sport Is All About the Paint

2017 Ram 1500 Copper Sport

Like a dusky sun preparing for an endless night the Copper Sport is rising over the horizon. Basically, just fancy talk for saying Ram is bringing a limited edition of its 1500 to the Chicago Auto Show. And. It. Is. Gorgeous.

The 1500 Copper Sport Limited Edition builds off the Crew Cab V8 Sport. Then it introduces the 1500 to the color Copper Pearl. Obviously, we’re completely gaga for this color. It’s a perfect sophisticated rustic dapper orange-red glimmering glory color.

Ram creates a monochrome effect. The grille goes Copper Pearl, too. Complimenting it all are black accents. Check the black badges on the grille, tailgate, and sides. The fancy Sports performance hood gets even more aggressive with two large swaths of black decals. The wheels are 22-inches of specially polished aluminum.

Crew Cab doors open to a special cabin as well. Inside the model adds Anodized Copper accents. On the whole, these mostly pop in their outlining of the air vents, infotainment center, and center console. The copper accents are also in the door panels and other badging and accent points.

2017 Ram 1500 Copper Sport

There is also Copper accent stitching across the cabin, including the special sport bucket seats. They feature Copper embroidered headrest and mesh seat inserts as well. Ram wraps it all up by doing rest of the cabin in black. This final touch just makes it all pop.

Your ears will be popping, too. Ram pretty much guarantees this with a premium Alpine nine-speaker sound system. Subwoofer included.

The model is on display at the Chicago Auto Show beginning February 11. It goes on sale later this month starting at $46,950.

2017 Ram 1500 Copper Sport
2017 Ram 1500 Copper Sport
Photo Credit: Ram
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