2017 VW E-Golf Gets Bigger Battery, More Range

2017 vw e-golf

The Volkswagen caddy has an even better driver up its sleeve. VW just unveiled a new electric Golf with the power to drive further than ever before. The automaker took the wraps off it at the Los Angeles Auto Show this week.

The new e-Golf comes with reworked front and rear fascias which include LED lights. But the big changes aren’t the outside – but rather with the mechanics and especially the battery. A bigger 35.8 kWh battery gives it a 50 percent improved range. If math isn’t your strong suit that doesn’t mean it goes twice as far. Rather it goes from last years 83-miles per charge to 124-miles. 


VW also amped up the handling power. The model gets 19-horses more for a new total of 134-horsepower. It gains 15 pound-feet of torque for 214. The model still stays a far cry from its sporty non-electric counterpart though. The 0-60 mph time drops to 9.6-seconds according to VW. The top speed increases to 93 mph.

The e-Golf’s design includes new tech features. Inside, the e-Golf has an available Digital Cockpit. The dashboard has a 9.2-inch touchscreen that you can operate with the swipe of a hand. A new 12.3-inch infotainment screen shows everything from navigation to audio details.

2017 e-golf

So how does the new e-Golf do in comparison to its EV competition? Well it’s range doesn’t get close to Chevy’s upcoming Bolt which will offer 238-miles per charge. But it will slate just above the Nissan Leaf’s 107-mile range, and the Ford Focus Electric with its 100-mile range.


The new e-Golf will start in the same $30,000 bracket as the Leaf and Focus Electric. It ranges in price from $29,815 to $36,415. The Bolt starts much higher around $37,000. None of these prices reflect available federal tax credits.

2017 e-golf

2017 e-golf


Photo Credit: Volkswagen


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