2018 Chevy Cruze Hatchback Goes Diesel with a Dose of Manual

chevy cruze hatchback diesel

If you’re looking for a diesel hatch, Chevy has you covered. With fuel estimates, it might even give hybrid models a run for their money.

This week, Chevrolet unveiled its 2018 Cruze Hatchback with a little something extra special under the hood – a 1.6-liter, four-cylinder turbodiesel diesel engine. (The picture above is a 2017 model.) Even better, unlike prior diesel Cruze models, drivers can opt for a six-speed manual along with a nine-speed automatic option.

The diesel engine is the same one recently announced for the upcoming 2018 Equinox.  In the Equinox, it gets a rating of 136-horsepower with 236 pound-feet of torque. Chevy has not released its numbers with the Cruze, but some estimates have the Cruze getting around 50 highway mpg. If it does it will be the first, and only, non-hybrid in the States to achieve those kind of numbers. The estimate is based on ratings from the European Opal. Chevy sells the Opal as a Cruze counterpart in other markets.

The arrival of a Cruze diesel Hatch plays into the gap left with the VW diesel scandal. It will offer diesel fans a nice option to VW’s Jetta, Golf, and Golf SportWagen diesels. A range in the 50 mpg highway will also align it with Toyota’s Prius. The 2017 Prius hybrid gets a 54 city and 50 highway mpg rating.

The main surprise from Chevy is the introduction of the Equinox Diesel for 2018. We’re happy though to see it expanding its diesel offerings. The Colorado started the trend in model year 2016 and the popular mid-size truck will continue to offer diesel.

If a hatchback suits you, but you’re fine without the diesel, check out the now on sale 2017 Cruze Hatch. It carries a 1.4-liter turbo gas engine with a competitive 38 mpg highway rating.  If you must have diesel, no worries, the wait won’t be long. The 2018 Cruze Hatchback goes on sale next year.

Photo Credit: Chevrolet
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