2018 Ford Expedition Will Offer Live TV Streaming

2018 Ford Expedition

Just when we thought the 2018 Ford Expedition couldn’t offer anything more, comes this. It will be the first vehicle to offer live TV streaming in the back seat.  The big thing to note is that you’ll need a SlingBox media streaming system at home for it to work.

Ford is integrating software called SlingPlayer into the Expedition’s infotainment system – that allows it connect to the box at home.  Then drivers can stream major TV content from their home box to their car’s system.

The streaming will be available on the two video screens viewable in the back seat.  It can also be streamed on three mobile devices. Controls are in the center stack up front so parent’s can pick the station or preset approved programming for their little ones.

2018 ford expedition

Ford is offering live TV streaming because it says that’s what people want. It quotes a new study that found one in three U.S. consumers currently listen to streaming music. No surprise, Generation Z and Millennials stream the most.

We were there for the Expedition’s big unveiling earlier this month. It’s one tech’d out SUV with a WiFi system that supports up to 10 devices and a range of 50 feet.

In terms of audio, it will feature a Ford-exclusive B&O PLAY Premium Audio System by HARMAN, along with 12-speakers.

You can check out more photos and details in our earlier post here.

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