Next-Gen Ford Fiesta ST Turns It Up In New Video

2018 ford fiesta GT

We’re not sure what’s more impressive in the Ford Fiesta ST’s new video. The intense driving of the hot hatch in tight spaces or the desire the clip gives us to get back into trick bikes? We’ll let you decide.

In the meantime, the debut of the third generation Fiesta ST shows a model coming into its own – and by that we mean it’s a fully developed sporty hot hatch machine that means business.

Starting with the mechanics. The 2018 Fiesta ST will be the first Ford Performance model to feature a three-cylinder engine. It also comes with cylinder deactivation and turbocharging. However, rather than a 1-liter displacement, the ST ups to a 1.5-liter. That gives it 200 horsepower with 214 lb-ft of torque. It goes 0-60 in 6.7-seconds.

The new 1.5-liter adds on three horses to the current ST’s 1.6-liter four-cylinder. But the 0-60 time Ford claims for it stays the same. Totally fine. For the sweet pricing on the ST, 200-horses more than gets the job done. Watch it tear it up in the video if you don’t believe.

2018 ford fiesta st

You choose between three drive modes when behind the ST’s wheel. Normal, Sport and Track. Normal mode does exactly what it says. It creates a nice normal balance for modest everyday driving. Sport mode stiffens the steering and quickens the pedal engine response. Ford goes for the special effects in this mode with fake engine noises in the cabin. Amusing and way too fun for sure.

The final mode is Track mode. We’re pretty sure this is the mode they shot the spot in. It lets out the restraints on the stability and traction controls. Track mode also compliments the ST’s uniquely tuned chassis with torque vectoring control. Corner hugging and donut skills? Check.

2018 ford fiesta st

All STs will come standard with 18-inch wheels. Exterior details don’t change much. We’re loving the lines on the three-door hatch.  We’re fans of the cool new grille design with its bolder chainlink design.

As for exact powertrain details, like suspension and tire info, Ford isn’t giving us the details. We should know more though when the model arrives at the Geneva Motor Show next month. Pricing will come closer to its arrival with the 2018 model year.

The European model shown will be available across the pond early next year. Ford says details about the new Fiesta for other markets will come at a later date, so fingers crossed.

Photo Credit: Ford 
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