2018s Top 10 Auto Brand Winners and Top 10 Losers

Automakers are typically judged on sales versus the same time period from the prior year. Now that a new year has begun, automakers are poring over numbers and some will be happy; others not so much. Full year sales results tell you the direction of a car company. If sales are increasing, they are taking business from another automaker.

Here are the top 10 automakers with sales increases for 2018 over 2017, and the 10 that went down by the biggest percentage. Remember, this has nothing to do with overall sales volume, just whether an automaker did better or worse since 2017.


  1. Alfa Romeo up 97.82%
  2. Land Rover up 23.97%
  3. Jeep up 17.47%
  4. Volvo up 16.19%
  5. Mitsubishi up 13.88
  6. Cadillac up 8.55%
  7. Ram up 7.29%
  8. Subaru up 4.97%
  9. Toyota up 4.46%
  10. VW up 4.23%


  1. Smart down 58.45%
  2. Genesis down 51.78%
  3. Fiat down 41.41%
  4. Jaguar down 24.15%
  5. Mercedes down 15.79%
  6. Chrysler down 11.98%
  7. Mini down 7.26%
  8. Lincoln down 6.81%
  9. Nissan down 6.63%
  10. Buick down 5.48%

Photo Credit: Andy Dean Photography/Shutterstock
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