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2019 BMW 330i Review

Jerry Reynolds | August 12, 2019
2019 BMW 330i Review

This week I am taking a look at the all-new 2019 BMW 330i sedan, the 7th generation of this very popular German luxury sports sedan.

This new version is larger than the previous iteration. BMW added 3” of length which helps with rear seat and trunk room. It is also slightly wider, but even with the extra length and width, it shed just over 100 pounds from the 2018 3-Series


Under the hood you find a 2-liter inline 4-cylinder with twin turbos. It is mated to an 8-speed shiftable automatic and together they put out 255-horses and a respectable 295-pound feet of torque. My tester is rear-wheel drive, but the all-wheel drive xDrive option is available. For 2019, no manual transmission version is available, but the 8-speed does a good job of quickly shifting when under heavy acceleration. Top speed is 130-miles per hour.


The exterior appearance has distinct bodylines, a rear spoiler, dual exhaust, a front spoiler with large vents to feed those two turbos, and of course, the classic BMW dual grill. My test vehicle has beautiful 19” M-line wheels.


BMW makes vehicles that are fun to drive; the ultimate driving machine as they like to say, however, they are also known for great, luxury interiors and you notice that as soon as you open the door. Heavily bolstered power seats look rich and offer manual thigh supports. The seats are heavily stitched and have a power lumbar. I can’t imagine you can’t get comfortable with this seat.

There is a configurable virtual gauge cluster that is colorful and easy to read. BMW purists are not likely to be thrilled with this change, but they react quickly. As you look above the gauges, you see a colorful head-up display with traffic sign recognition.

High on the center dash is an 8.8” color screen that is part of the improved BMW iDrive system that runs everything. The system is quick and intuitive unlike previous iDrive systems, and everything runs from the center console. There is a gesture control feature: If you twirl your finger to the right the radio volume goes up, twirl to the left and it goes down. This is a worthless feature but it is fun to show to guests in your car.

BMW has a pretty cool voice recognition system that works much like Siri or Alexa. You can give it a command or ask it a question. All you do is say “Hey BMW” and it works great.

To the right of the gear shifter is a large round button that helps you navigate the screen. From there you can activate the sound system, Bluetooth, navigation system, and the cars settings.

To the left of the shifter you operate the rear and front cameras, turn off the parking sensors (for when you are in a car wash, for instance) and turn off the start/stop system. The start button is on the console also and below it are the drive modes. You can choose from: sport, comfort, eco pro, and adaptive to configure the 330i any way you want to. The electronic emergency brake is on the console, which is surrounded by carbon fiber. You can open a door to reveal two cup holders and a cell phone charger.

The air conditioning controls are easy to operate and you can control the radio volume from the dash or the steering wheel. Overall, the entire cockpit of the 2019 is much improved and all controls are within reach.

The back seat has vents and is very roomy with surprising head- and leg-room. The back seat is heated and passengers get two USB ports. Trunk space is huge, and if you need more, the back seats fold down also.

Standard Features and Options

Major standard features include: automatic climate-controlled air conditioning, power moon roof, power seats, blind spot monitoring, collision warning, and lane keep assist.

This particular vehicle has $18,600 in option packages. It has the $1,700 Drivers Assistance Pro package, the $5,000 M Sport package, the $2,800 Premium Package, the $2,100 Executive Package, and the $2,450 Track Handling Package.

Miscellaneous options include the $550 special paint, $1,450 for upgraded leather seats, it has remote start for $300, adaptive M suspension for $700, the wireless charger is $500, and the Harmon Kardon sound system will set you back $875.


The BMW 330i is beautiful inside and out, it handles fantastic and has a great exhaust sound in Sport mode, but is more of a luxury car in Comfort mode.

Fuel economy is good at 26 in town, and 36 on the highway. As equipped, this well-optioned performance sedan will set you back almost $60,000.

2019 BMW 330i

  • What I liked most: Performance, handling, and appearance.
  • What I would change: Give me a stick shift option.
  • MSRP: Base price $40,250. MSRP is $59,920 with transportation.
  • Fuel Economy: 26 City/36 Highway/30 combined.
  • Fuel Tank: 15.6 gallons with filler on the passenger side.
  • Dimensions: 185.7” long/71.9” wide/56.8” high.
  • Weight: 3589 pounds.
  • Trailer Towing: N/A
  • Miles When Tested: 5600 miles.
  • Official Color: Portimao Blue.
  • Spare tire: None.
  • Final Assembly Point: Munich, Germany.
  • 2019 BMW 330i in a few words: A greatly improved 3-Series that lives up to The Ultimate Driving Machine tag.
  • Warranty: 4-year/50,000 mile bumper-to-bumper, with roadside assistance, and 3-years/36,000 miles of free scheduled maintenance.
  • Manufacturer’s website: BMW
  • Next up: 2019 BMW X7 SUV
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What happened to 4 yrs /50k maintenance? I guess I'll be holding on to my 2011 335i in blue water metallic with that smooth as glass inline 6. I do not think a 4 cylinder will last or run as well as the 3.5L 6 cylinder. What the hell...I'll go grab a new Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross & be the first on my block to have a Japanese Aztek. LOVE THE SHOW!
The Car Pro
Thanks for listening. I think the dropped the 4-year/50,000 maintenance when the 2019 models came out. Your 335 is a great car, not sure a Mitsu will stack up to what you have.

Thanks for being in the family!

Jerry Reynolds
I am a previous 328 owner and had buyers remorse at paying 35k for a new one. I would never ever consider paying that much for a 330 even if you stuck an M sticker on it. Seriously, you could get a Q50 Redline w/400hp for 10k less and with a better apr. Good luck BMW! Maybe this 330 will help you make up that lost revenue.

Thanks for the review Jerry!