2019 Porsche Cayenne: New Everything

The wait is over for the reveal of the new third-generation Porsche Cayenne. Amongst orchestra music and odd modern dancing, Porsche unveiled the new model to the world on Tuesday.

It doesn’t look significantly different than the previous model, but that’s in line with Porsche’s goal for the model: to make “every version just a little better.” The third-generation does more than getting a little better though. We’re talking voice controlled climate controls and heated seats. Yes, you’ll be able to tell the car to warm your cold backside. Ah, the life of German luxury.

A base and S model go on sale at launch. Both are lighter, more powerful, and more efficient than the current generation. The base Cayenne carries a six-cylinder turbo engine with 340-horsepower and 450 lb-ft of torque. It goes from 0-62mph in 6.2-seconds. Meanwhile, the S carries a 2.9-liter twin turbo V6 with 440-horsepower and 550 lb-ft of torque. Its 0-60mph time is 5.2 seconds. Note that an optional Sports Chrono package available on both trims shaves 0.3 seconds off those times.

Even though only two models will originally launch, Porsche says those are only the starting point. It suggests the Cayenne will benefit from its plug-in hybrid technologies. In other words, look out for a Cayenne with a battery pack.

The new model differs from the previous model most noticeably in the front and rear. In the front, the “bonnet,” as those saucy Europeans like to call the hood, is more sculpted while still lower than the wings. The front bumper is more square. The froggy headlights, a la 911, of course, remain. The rear shows off a horizontal light band, that makes me excited to drive behind one of these babes. Porsche says the band helps distribute the large volume of its SUV in a flattering sporty way.

Inside Porsche is shooting for a ‘balance between digital and classical’ which it says equals luxury. The cabin works it with a completely new dash interface that is a huge 12.3-inch full-HD touchscreen. Standard voice control features include real-time navigation. The cockpit consists of a classic central tachometer and two full-HD digital 7-inch screens.

New first-time-ever handling features are mixed tires and rear-axle steering. The full safety suite of goodies includes Night Vision Assist with thermal imaging, Lane Change Assist, Lane Keeping Assist with traffic sign recognition, traffic jam assist, Park Assist with Surround View, and adaptive cruise control.

The model is expected to make its public debut at the Frankfurt Auto Show next month. Details regarding pricing and sales dates are still TBD.

Photo Credit: Porsche
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