2020 Dallas Auto Show Postponed Due to Coronavirus

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We had all hoped this would not become necessary, but the 38th annual Dallas Auto Show has been postponed. At this time, there is no date for when it will happen.

Late yesterday, Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins instituted a State of Emergency for Dallas County after five new cases of the Coronavirus was discovered. As part of a comprehensive plan to slow the spread of the virus, the Dallas official prohibited the gathering of more than 500 people in one building, effective March 13 at 11 AM. The ban, for now, lasts a week through March 20 at 11 AM.

In an official statement from the North Texas Auto Dealers Association this morning, Marianne Jones, the Director of Communications said:

With the health and well-being of our community in mind and the following guidance of local government and health officials, the Dallas Auto Show will be postponed due to COVID-19. These steps have been taken to protect Show attendees, exhibitors and participants. Thank you to the North Texas community for its continued support of our Show.

This action follows other organizations, other auto shows around America, and many sports organizations that have suspended operations until the virus threat has been eradicated.

We still hope to have Brent Franks, the President of the North Texas Auto Dealers on the air with us in the morning on WBAP to discuss this further.

At this point, we assume if you have tickets to the Dallas Auto Show, those will be honored once the show is rescheduled, or worst case, at next year’s show.

Tomorrow on the Car Pro Show, we will also be discussing steps our Dealers are taking to make sure you have a safe experience when shopping for a vehicle or getting yours serviced.
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Been looking forward to this years auto show and stopping by your booth...I just did a quick check on who would not be there...According to the Dallas Auto Show website, all the the high end manufacturers are taking a pass....Mercedes, BMW, Jag, Land Rover, Audi, and Porsche are all no shows. What's with that?
The Car Pro
Bob, in years past, Park Place supplied the majority of the luxury cars, but the timing was wrong this year due to the dealerships changing hands. I suspect they’ll all be back next year. Check out the Texas Autowriters display to see the new Porsche Taycan and the BMW 7-Series.

If you are there on Saturday, stop by an see us.

Jerry Reynolds