25 Best-Selling SUVS In America Of All Sizes in Q1

Toyota Rav4

It is good to see the SUV segment continuing to do well. Typically, I look at how vehicles did in the current quarter versus the same quarter a year ago, but Q1 of 2020 was decimated with Covid-19 plant closures, dealership closures, and a paralyzed public, trying to make sense of the pandemic.

This year brings us a completely different set of issues with shortages in many areas that have closed many assembly plants. However, as we started the first quarter of 2021, inventory levels were adequate. It has just been the past few weeks that we’ve seen inventory really getting critically short.

RAV4 continues to dominate all SUV sales, with Honda CR-V in a distant second place. No real surprises on the list except Chevy Suburban broke into the top 10. I’d have bet money the Tahoe would have been there before Suburban. The new Ford Bronco Sport snuck in the list at #25.

Here are your 25 best-selling SUVs in all segments for the first three months of 2021:

1.Toyota RAV4114,255
2.Honda CR-V93,766
3.Nissan Rogue86,719
4.Ford Explorer65,244
5.Toyota Highlander63,831
6.Chevy Equinox63,218
7.Jeep Grand Cherokee55,197
8.Jeep Wrangler49,647
9.Chevy Suburban48,086
10.Subaru Forester47,694
11.Subaru Outback41,503
12.Ford Escape40,990
13.Chevy Traverse38,037
14.Jeep Cherokee37,922
15.Toyota 4Runner37,263
16.Mazda CX-536,242
17.Subaru Crosstrek35,187
18.Hyundai Tucson33,147
19.Honda Pilot31,451
20.Hyundai Santa Fe28,570
21.Lexus RX27,941
22.Honda HR-V26,175
23.Chevy Trailblazer25,025
24.Nissan Kicks24,422
25.Ford Bronco Sport22,340
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Better double check the numbers. GM website says combined sales of Tahoe/Suburban total about 32,000 units with the latter accounting for about 11,150 vehicles.
The Car Pro
That may well be true. I only publish retail sales, fleet sales are not a true indication of what the public buys.

Jerry Reynolds