VIDEO: 2018 BMW X3 Frolics In the Snow

2018 bmw x3

What do moose and the 2018 BMW X3 have in common? They both also seem to have a predilection for snow, at least if BMW’s latest demo video is any indication.  It shows the 2018 BMW X3, still in camouflage, having a ton of fun in the snow during winter testing.

Unfortunately, since it’s still in camo we can’t get a clear picture of the SUV’s lines. But we can still get a good view of the silhouette. There don’t appear to be any drastic changes, but it does appear to be more muscular and larger than the current model.

BMW took the X3 winter testing in Sweden, on and near frozen lakes in the Arctic Circle. The frigid temperatures there test the X3’s ability to function in extreme cold. Automakers also use these lakes to fine tune their vehicles’ suspension and test handling.  The fancy drifts and off-roading show off the fine-tuning of the stability and traction control systems. At any rate, whatever testing they’re doing, they’re clearly having too much fun to really call it work. Dibs on shotgun.



The third-generation X3 builds off the new rear-wheel drive CLAR platform which arrived on last year’s 7 Series. The special construction of the new platform makes the model roomier and lighter. Under the hood, it will likely offer both inline-4 and inline-6 engine choices. A hybrid plug-in model could also follow after the X3’s 2018 model year debut. BMW says an all-electric version will come in time for 2020.

The new X3 should go on sale in Europe by this November. Look for it to come to the States early next year.


Photo Credit: BMW

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