Four Small Pickup Trucks Earn ‘Good’ Safety Ratings

iihs pickup safety ratings

The midsize pickup segment has some work to do in the safety department according to new tests conducted by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety.

The group recently tested 8 small pickups and only half took home ‘Good’ scores. Two received an ‘Acceptable’ rating and two only a  ‘Marginal’ one.

Also, despite earning ‘Good’ ratings, the four top earners didn’t earn a Top Safety Pick or Safety Pick+ plus award because of poor headlights and lack of an automatic braking system. All the models tested suffered in those areas.

Crash Tests

The four models earning a ‘Good’ rating are the Toyota Tacoma Double Cab, Chevrolet Colorado Crew Cab, GMC Canyon Crew Cab, and Toyota Tacoma Access Cab. The four models that don’t do as well are the Colorado and Canyon Extended Cabs, and both the King Cab and Crew Cab versions of Nissan’s Frontier.

The Tacoma Double Cab wins out over the Tacoma Access Cab version by scoring ‘Good’ in more categories, as you’ll see below.

The Colorado and Canyon score the same, not surprising since their basically twins with different badges. The Crew Cabs score ‘Good’ in everything but structure, while the Extended Cabs score significantly worse, but not as bad as the Frontiers.

The Nissan Frontier was the poorest overall performer, with the King Cab at the bottom of the list. Researchers note that the Frontier is also the oldest in terms of structure design, with the other three pickups models receiving recent upgrades or redesigns.


Photo Credit: IIHS
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