44 Percent Of Americans Have a Driving Fear

Credit: American Automobile Association
Oftentimes, while weíre on the road, we donít think about what other drivers are thinking or feeling while behind the wheel. Whether they drive with fear or carelessly switch lanes in an attempt to get to work faster, our thoughts when it comes to driving can have a huge impact on road safety and the decision we make while driving.

To help explain, CarRentals, an Expedia-owned company, recently published a survey on driving phobias and found that 44 percent of Americans are afraid of driving in certain road conditions or situations. These were further broken down by types of fears:

  • 21 percent of Americans fear driving in ice, snow or rain
  • 11 percent of Americans fear driving next to large trucks
  • 7 percent of Americans fear driving at night
  • 5 percent of Americans fear driving over bridges or through tunnels

Out of those who claimed to feel no fear while driving, 63 percent were men. However, regardless of the type of fear, men and women experience driving phobias fairly equally. For example, out of those who fear driving over bridges, 44 percent were men and 56 percent were women.

Surprisingly, although more men reported to have no fear or driving phobias, CarRentals compared those numbers to reports from the U.S. Department of Transportation and found that men still account for the majority of driver deaths ó 71 percent in fact, in 2018.

Generationally, more seniors claim to feel no fear behind the wheel (19 percent) vs. teenagers (6 percent), but the rate of fatalities between these two groups remain similar.

In case you do suffer from a driving phobia or anxiety, and feel like itís affecting your day-to-day, CarRentals also put together some helpful tips on how to overcome these fears and hopefully help you get to your destination safely. You can check those tips out here.
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