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Texans can’t get 7-character personalized license plates just any ol’ day. 7-character plates are a big deal, seeing as how Texas waited about 33 years to bump from six characters up to seven. Helps you understand the hoopla around 7 FOR 7. That’s the 7-day event when Texans can get 7-character personalized plates at www.myplates.com, and you never know when it’s coming. Or, well, you do now.
7 FOR 7 begins 7am October 8 and ends 7am October 15 at www.myplates.com.
Texans can now access the state database at myplates.com to see whether or not the 7-character personalized message they want is taken.
My Plates is opening the Check Availability function now to help Texans plan, which is important for an event that rushes in like the first hours that Bruce Springsteen tickets go on sale. You have to be ready with some alternate messages in case someone gets your first-choice before you do.
Since My Plates began selling 7-character plates at the Great Plate Auction of 2011, Texans have bought more than 4,400 seven-character personalized plates in three 7 FOR 7 events.
In the first day of the first 7 FOR 7, Texans bought more than $1,000,000 worth of license plates.
The most expensive license plate ever sold in Texas is the 7-character plate, FERRARI, which auctioned for $15,000.


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