Another 12 Million Vehicles Swept Up In Takata Mess

Takata Recall

The massive Takata air bag recall is now even bigger (we feel like a broken record at this point.)

Now we can add another 12 million vehicles from eight automakers to the largest automotive recall in history. We are waiting for specific makes and models, but expect the list to include mainly older model vehicles in areas with high heat and humidity. Those two factors play a key role in causing a chemical propellant in the air bags to degrade over time.

Even Ferrari gets swept up in the mess this time, recalling 2,800 models, according to documents filed with federal regulators.

Honda’s updated list includes another 4.5 million vehicles. Fiat Chrysler is next with another 4.3 million. Toyota follows with 1.65 million (it released a list of some models earlier this week.) Mazda’s list includes another 730,000 vehicles, Nissan and Subaru each have 400,000. Subaru’s includes the Saab 9-2x and Pontiac Vibe that Toyota and Subaru built for General Motors. Mazda will recall 730,000 vehicles, Mitsubishi 38,000.

The new recalls come after the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration announced in May that current recalls weren’t enough and another 35 to 40 million airbag inflators would be recalled through 2019 in five phases. That’s in addition to the 28.8 million potentially defective air bags already recalled.

Meanwhile, on Friday the Japanese transport ministry announced 7 million additional recalls related to the Takata inflators. Those recalls cover all front air bags without a chemical drying agent.

The defective air bags are now linked to 13 deaths worldwide, most of them in the U.S. and all but one in a Honda vehicle.

Check out our Tatata Recall List here and head to for updates.

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