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Just what we needed…now there’s a horsepower race among gas-electric hybrids.
You probably think of hybrids as gas-saving smaller cars, such as the Toyota Prius family, but a hybrid drivetrain is also a way to boost performance.
Ferrari says it will unveil its most powerful car ever in January at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit, a “new hybrid model, which will be produced in a limited-edition, special series.” Power rating is expected to around 900 horsepower. No launch date or price was given.
The Italian sports-car brand, a unit of Fiat Auto, showed the car’s sophisticated carbon fiber chassis at the Paris Motor Show last month, and also has shown off the hybrid drive system. In this case, it’s to be a V-12 gasoline engine mated to an electric motor driving the rear wheels in a system the car company calls Hy-KERS (Hy for Hybrid, KERS for Kinetic Energy Regeneration — or Recovery — System, a Formula One racing development).
It would be Ferrari’s first hybrid, and is to replace the Enzo, named for the company’s founder.
Jaguar has a hybrid supercar under development, called the C-X75, also using KERS. Jag says the car will have a top speed faster than 200 mph, and will accelerate from standstill to 100 mph in 6 seconds. That’s how long it takes a quick car to get to just 60 mph usually. For calmer drives, Jaguar says the C-X75 runs up to 30 miles on battery power only.
Acura’s coming supercar, the next-generation NSX that the company says will be on sale by 2015, is to be a hybrid with all-wheel drive, something that’s relatively easy to do using an additional electric motor.
Infiniti added a hybrid model to its M-Class sedan, giving the 2012 M35h gas-electric model a rating of 360-horses, vs. the gasoline model’s 330-horses.
Hybrid systems weigh more than gasoline power plants, but a hybrid’s electric motor delivers immense low-speed power that can overcome the additional weight.


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