A Partial Look At January 2020 Sales Results

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Your Car Pro is very displeased that a number of automakers have joined the 2018 lead of General Motors by only reporting sales quarterly. The number of automakers reporting is dwindling at a rapid pace.

Commentary: This is just lazy in my opinion. When sales are down from year to year, nobody wants to talk. Five years ago as the industry was moving up, everybody wanted to brag. You canít have it both ways. STEP UP car companies, donít make us wait. This IS your report card and all of us in the industry deserve to know where you are as a company. Your stockholders deserve to know. If sales are down, hiding behind your non-disclosure will not change anything. If you are not reporting monthly, you are cowards. This now includes General Motors, Ford, Nissan, BMW, and the Volkswagen group.

OK, I feel better. With that, here are the car companies who reported January 2020 sales and how they did versus January 2019:

2019 vs 2018 Sales

Acura 9,230 Down 5.5%
Honda 92,395 Down 4.1%
Genesis 1,399 Up 14.3%
Hyundai 44,143 Up 5.10%
Mazda 23,621 Up 17.8%
Mitsubishi 10,626 Up 22%
Subaru 46,285 Up 0.50%
Lexus 9,631 Up 12.6%
Toyota 146,244 Up 5.5%
Volvo 6,157 Up 5.2%
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