All-New 2020 Hyundai Sonata Boasts Bose Stereo System

Credit: Hyundai
An all-new 2020 Hyundai Sonata is on the way and it’s been redesigned from bumper to bumper (and it’s a real beauty!)

It rides on a third-generation platform that Hyundai says is lighter and more fuel efficient while also achieving stronger durability. The all-new Sonata is also expected to improve power and driving performance. It has been developed for possible application of Hyundai’s next-generation engine called the Smartstream Powertrain.

The next-gen Sonata, which goes on sale later this month, will also be the recipient of Hyundai’s first-ever Bose sound system.

Bose Sound System

Hyundai worked with Bose engineers on the new 12-speaker Bose Premium sound system and it’s the first time the two companies have joined forces. They wanted to replicate music in the vehicle to sound as close as possible to the way the artist intended. Hyundai says their efforts results in “crisp” sounds for a high-quality entertainment experience.

The Bose sound system does this via twelve speakers, each contributing to create overall premium sound quality. Impactful low-frequency performance is delivered by a combination of Bose Super65 speakers in the front doors and a 9-inch Bose neodymium woofer positioned on the rear deck.

Balanced sound reproduction is then delivered by a 3.25-inch neodymium mid-range speaker in the center of the instrument panel; four 2.5-inch Twiddler speakers – one in each corner of the instrument panel and one on each side of the rear deck; and two 5.25-inch wide-range speakers – one in each rear door. Higher frequencies are delivered through two 1-inch (25mm) neodymium tweeters – one in each front door.

Bose Premium Sound System
The new Bose Premium Sound System comes with 12 speakers. Credit: Hyundai

The system is driven by a Bose digital amplifier with 12 channels of custom equalization and digital signal processing. Engineers also chose speaker locations carefully after analyzing interior space. With each speaker specifically designed to produce a clear tone, the whole set of speakers combine to deliver a rich, vibrant experience that is almost identical to the artists’ original sound.

Bose Centerpoint surround technology and Bose SurroundStage signal processing, which put every occupant at the center of the audio experience regardless of where they are positioned in the cabin.

Bose Premium Sound System
Credit: Hyundai

Bose Centerpoint technology uses a proprietary algorithm to analyze a stereo signal and converts it into multiple channels for surround-sound listening in the front and rear seats. Bose SurroundStage circuitry ensures a balanced 360-degree sound field for each seating position so all occupants receive full music immersion.

To help preserve the quality of the listening experience, the Bose system is also equipped with Dynamic Speed Compensation, which automatically adjusts the volume and tone of music based on vehicle speed and reduces the need for drivers to make adjustments on the road.

“The strong collaboration between Bose and Hyundai engineers has enabled us to develop an optimal listening environment to create a premium audio experience in our vehicles,” said Paul Choo, Vice President and head of Infotainment Technology Center. “We look forward to future collaboration opportunities to seek new ways to enrich customer experience.”

The 8th-generation Sonata goes on sale later this month.
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