All-New Lucid Air To Be Revealed In September

Lucid Air
Credit: Lucid Motors
The countdown is now officially on to the online debut of the production model Lucid Air, a new all-electric luxury vehicle being developed by Lucid Motors. The four-door sedan will show its face to the world on September 9th and we can’t wait to see it. Car Pro Show host Jerry Reyonlds shared his excitement about Lucid Air in February.

The Lucid Air was originally slated to debut in April at the New York Auto Show but of course those plans were derailed by COVID-19 leading to the planned online reveal. At that time, we’ll see the vehicle’s final interior and exterior designs, and get more details on specs, available configurations, and pricing info. The company says Lucid Air will deliver a projected 400+ mile range and hit 0-to-60 in under 2.5 seconds.

Lucid says development work was only briefly delayed during shelter-in-place amid the coronavirus pandemic. It’s 1,000+ employees, none of which were laid off or furloughed, are going back to work in phases based on local and state mandates. Lucid says it’s also hired over 160 new employees in the last 90 days alone, with the goal of adding over 700 by the end of 2020.

Lucid Air
Credit: Lucid Motors

“Although we are experiencing an unprecedented time in our history, the determination of this company’s employees in developing a game-changing electric vehicle burns ever more brightly,” said Peter Rawlinson, CEO and CTO, Lucid Motors. “Our mission is to deliver sustainable luxury with class-leading range in the form of the Lucid Air, and we are closer than ever to turning that dream into reality.”

Lucid Air
Credit: Lucid Motors

Lucid Motors says it is also on track when it comes to expanding its manufacturing infrastructure. Its factory in Casa Grande, Arizona is on target for the completion of construction on its phase one build this year. Production is scheduled to begin in late 2020.

In addition, Lucid Motors says major components and equipment for the paint and shell lines are being installed and are coming online in advance of the completion of construction. The coming weeks and months will see an acceleration of this critical process.

“We’re building a brand-new factory to produce the world’s first true luxury EV,” said Peter Hochholdinger, VP of Manufacturing, Lucid Motors. “That requires an incredible amount of effort and planning, with our ‘just-in-time’ model continuing to serve us well as we enter this critical home stretch.”

Stay tuned for its September 9th reveal.
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