Audi Offers Free Rental Car Days

Audi Rental
Photo Credit: Audi/Silvercar
Ever wanted to rent an Audi when you’re away from home? Well now you can, and if you’re a new Audi owner, Audi will foot the bill. It’s part of the automaker’s new “Always Audi” program.

Always Audi

Here’s how the “Always Audi” program works. If you buy or lease a 2019 or newer Audi, you’ll receive seven rental days with Silvercar by Audi, at no additional cost. The all-Audi, car rental service is now available in 26 Silvercar locations nationwide. As of this time Silvercar locations include the CarProUSA markets of Los Angeles, San Diego, Orange County, San Francisco, Dallas and Austin. You can lump the seven days together or use them individually.

"This new offering deepens our ties with Silvercar and offers customers even more ways to experience Audi," said Cian O‘Brien, interim president and chief operating officer, Audi of America. "With this program, our customers can drive the Audi they love even when they’re away from home."

Silvercar by Audi

Audi acquired Silvercar in 2017, as part of its continued effort to create a suite of mobility products and services that offer increasing access and flexibility to customers. Silvercar by Audi now offers four models, including the Audi A4, Audi A5 Cabriolet, Audi Q5 SUV and Audi Q7 SUV. Silvercar experienced rapid growth in the past year, expanding to 26 locations nationwide. It’s also even launched travel accessories, including complimentary Peg Perego premium car seats and pet carriers.

“Together, Silvercar and Audi create a network that gives customers choice and access to the brand in a way that best fits their lifestyle,“ said Matt Carpenter, chief executive officer, Silvercar by Audi.“This new program is an industry first for the premium market in which our customers now have a direct link between their Audi ownership experience and their on-the-go transportation needs."

Silvercar by Audi offers customers access to current or previous model year vehicles fully loaded with onboard Wi-Fi for passenger use, GPS navigation, and SiriusXM satellite radio -- always included at no additional cost. All Silvercar customers will continue to benefit from a fair fuel plan, no mileage restrictions and no fees for car seat rentals.
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