Auto Industry Winners And Losers in January 2019

Credit: Andy Dean Photography/Shutterstock
As I have told you, as a car company, you are judged by the last month’s sales results versus the same month of the prior year.

Here are your automakers that were up or down 5% or more from last January, again not including General Motors.


Ram up 23.75%
Jaguar up 17.3%
Land Rover up 14.57%
Acura up 9.61%
Volvo up 5.29%


Fiat down 38.89%
Alfa Romeo down 20.22%
Mercedes-Benz down 24.93%
Genesis down 24.12%
Smart down 20.95%
Nissan down 19.9%
Mazda down 19.7%
Mini down 16.34%
Chrysler down 14.46%
Toyota down 7.07%
Volkswagen down 6.75%
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