Best-Selling Large Luxury SUVs For Q3 2020

Mercedes-Benz AMG GLS
Large, luxury SUVs sales have been really good in America for a lot of years right now. When you look at 3rd quarter 2020 sales, production constraints from Covid really hurt this segment. Large, luxury SUVs tend to be vehicles that dealers do not have a lot of but are the most profitable for automakers and the dealers.

Mercedes-Benz leads this segment and did show some increases in Q3 2020. Bear in mind when you see Cadillac Escalade sales, they were between the old Escalade and the new 2021 model, sort of stalled in the middle.

Here is your list of all the large, luxury SUVs by volume, and how they compared to the third quarter of 2019:

1. Mercedes GL/GLS 5,295 Up 39%
2. BMW X7 4,833 Down 2.2%
3. Cadillac Escalade 4,537 Down 55.9%
4. Lincoln Navigator 3,635 Down 16.3%
5. Range Rover 3,000 Down 29.9%
6. Infiniti QX80 2,057 Down 42.7%
7. Mercedes G-Wagon 1,796 Up 43.9%
8. Lexus LX 1,062 Up 3.7%
9. Toyota Land Cruiser 511 Down 32.6%

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