Car Buying Tips For Growing Families

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Not a week goes by on the Car Pro Radio Show that we donít hear from expectant parents who need a new or larger car due to a new addition to the family. Making this decision can be stressful, but at the same time, this is one of the most important decisions you can make because you are carrying precious cargo inside. Letís look at some of the important aspects of buying the right vehicle with some car buying tips for new families.

Planning Ahead

Obviously, you canít know for sure, but how many total kids do you plan to have? Making a vehicle purchase for a new child or one additional baby can cause you to do this all over again if more kids come along. Discuss the total number of people you plan to have in your family and purchase accordingly or lease a vehicle to be able to get out of it sooner if needed.

Look At Safety Ratings

All new cars are safe these days, but it is still a good idea to take a look at which ones have the best safety ratings. Many people look at the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) ratings, but I prefer the governmentís NHTSA ratings. IIHS is a lobby group for the insurance industry, and while I think they do some good work, their primary goal is to reduce the amount of insurance claims cost. You can check the government test scores at

Buy Your Car Seat Before Car Shopping

Unfortunately, studies show that over 3 out of 4 car seats are incorrectly installed. Experts say when properly installed a car seat should have no more than one inch of movement. It is wise to try installing the seat in the car you are considering purchasing. See how easy it is to get the seat in and out; you can even add some weight to simulate a child. Ask your sales professional to show you where the LATCH (lower anchors and tethers for children) system is, and look at the instructions on it here:

Toyota App
Photo Credit: Toyota.

Toyota also just launched a helpful car seat online installation guide along with a free iPhone or Android Auto app. Itís part of Toyota for Families Ė a new digital toolkit featuring detailed car seat installation instructions and video. The toolkit officially launched this month for the all-new 2021 Toyota Sienna.

The installation guide and app was developed by two Toyota engineers and an advanced technology senior planner -- all of which happen to be moms. Itís a project several years in the making and during Covid-19, all three had to work remotely on the project from either Michigan or Texas. Essentially, the idea was to give parents better access to instruction especially during the pandemic and social distancing. Learn more about Toyotaís Sienna installation guide here.

Toyota says it plans to expand video directions and written content to other fleet vehicles over the next few years.

Check For Proper Storage Area

It is a good idea to know how much space youíll need for child cargo. Measure strollers, diaper bags, portable playpens, etc. and know how many cubic feet of cargo area you need at minimum, this can prevent you making a mistake by purchasing a vehicle that is too small.

Anticipate Other Passengers

Once you have the car seat anchored in the vehicle you are looking at, sit in the back seat to see how much room is left over. If Grandma and Grandpa want to go with you, can they? If this vehicle is purchased to keep a long time, is carpooling in your future? This is the time to consider such things.

Types of Vehicles

Most people planning little ones look at sedans, station wagons, SUVs, or minivans. While many ladies and most men hate the thought of a van, they are among the most useful for getting kids in and out of a vehicle. The sliding side doors, often electric, give you a wide opening especially when parking next to other cars or objects. There is no way to make a minivan cool, but they make things much easier than the cars and SUVs.

Options to Help You

There are options that really help people transporting kids, and to keep them safe. Make sure the car you are looking at has childproof locks and windows that you can lock closed. Keyless entry is wonderful when walking up to a car with your arms full, and a power liftgate can be a Godsend. Push Button start is terrific so you donít have to fumble for your keys to get the air conditioning or heat going. Finally, some SUVs have 40/20/40 configuration in the second row of seats, and the middle section will slide right up against the front seat, which is especially nice when there is a dropped bottle or pacifier.

Take Your Time

Donít rush the decision on which vehicle to purchase. If you have an Auto Show coming to your area, that is an excellent place to check out all the possibilities under one roof. Talk to other parents about the pros and cons of the vehicle they chose.

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This is not the 'Car Buying Tips' story I was expecting to read. I thought you were going to talk about buying a vehicle during the Coronavirus outbreak, and dealing with issues such as manufacturing plants being closed down.
The Car Pro
Philip, apparently you donít listen to the radio show, thatís ALL Iíve talked about for weeks.

Maybe this is more inline with what you were thinking:

Jerry Reynolds
Hi Jerry. Yes, I listen to and love the podcast. I just meant that I was surprised this articles topic wasn't specific to buying a vehicle during the Coronavirus outbreak and how it is effecting the buying experience.
Ron G.
Rav 4 or CRV for senior citizen.
The Car Pro
Ron, those are both great SUVs regardless of age.

Jerry Reynolds, President
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Frank W.
You helped me purchase a Camry Hybrid in 2015 vs Honda Hybrid. Now my son-in-law is trying to decide between a Malibu Hybrid (better mileage n lower cost) vs a Camry Hybrid (2018 models). What would you recommend and why?
The Car Pro
Frank I love the Malibu as a car, but if I am going to recommend a hybrid, it will be a Toyota or Lexus, hands down they are the best.

Jerry Reynolds, President
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Vicente B.
Can a Chevrolet Camaro 2018 be use as daily commute car? I worked every day at least 30-40 miles daily drive.
I love this car, do you recommend this type of car?
If yes do I least or buy?
The Car Pro
Yes, I think it would make a good daily driver as long as it?s easy to get in and out of for you. You are fine on the miles you drive to lease, but read through my leasing section on my FAQ page, that will help you for sure!

Thanks for listening to the show.

Jerry Reynolds, President
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