Children’s Cancer Fund: Special Thanks To Our Wonderful DFW Dealers

Wow, we are SO blessed to have the greatest group of dealers on our show. Last Saturday, we had Doug Dunbar from CBS 11 TV on the show to talk about the Children’s Cancer Fund, a wonderful organization that does amazing work.

Credit: CBS 11
An hour or so before the show, I reached out to a handful of our dealers to see if they would help Doug with a donation. The reaction, in very short order, was we had raised $6750, including a $1000 donation from me.

On Monday, I reached out to many other of our dealer affiliates. The results were amazing, truly. I only asked each dealer to match my $1000 donation, but here is what we ended up with.

  • The Sam Pack Dealerships came in with $1000, then upped it to $2500.
  • Dane Minor and Freeman Toyota got in for $1000 right off the bat.
  • The show’s CPA firm, Bull and Susan Caton emailed in with $2000.
  • Rick Wick at Classic in Denton made a personal donation of $250.

  • John Ellis from Vandergriff Acura gave $1000.
  • Ozzie from Freeman Buick GMC donated $1000.
  • Yuni Chon from Vandergriff Honda gave $1000.
  • Brad Collins from Freeman Hyundai donated $1000.

  • Tom Durant and Mike Ward from Classic Chevy Grapevine gave $2000.
  • John Chase from the Autobahn Motorcar Group donated $1000.
  • And then the bombshell came. The Park Place dealerships gave $10,000.

When the smoke cleared, we had raised $24,250 for the Children’s Cancer Fund and propelled Doug Dunbar into first place as the #1 fundraiser in the campaign so far, but the real winners are the sick children who have a chance at life. As of Wednesday morning, almost $100,000 had been raised total.

Children's Cancer Fund Logo

If you would like to give, go to:

Our dealer affiliates on the show are some of the most caring individuals you could ever meet. You can see why I endorse each one of them. From the bottom of my heart, I thank each of you for supporting me, the Car Pro Show, and the communities you serve.

These are the kind of people you want to spend your money with my friends.

Doug Dunbar will join us again this Saturday at 9:30 AM to recap the efforts for the Children’s Cancer Fund and to say thank you to our dealers personally. I hope you can join us.

If you missed Doug on the air last week, you can catch that audio here:

Photo Credit: badahos/shutterstock
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