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Chris from Houston Inquires about a 2017 Chevrolet Silverado

Chris from Houston Inquires about a 2017 Chevrolet Silverado

JERRY: and we go to Houston Texas Chris welcome

CHRIS: yeah thank you I have a 2017 Silverado that I bought used it has the Tuscany package with Moab paint scheme and all sorts of fancy stuff but it's a bit more truck than I need it's lifted which means everybody has problems getting in and out I'm looking at potentially they're telling me you should keep it because it could be a collector's item but I don't know if that's true or not. And the second piece is I'm looking at potentially selling it and buying a normal-sized truck and a pickup truck or the smaller size so instead of a Ford 150 would be the Ranger or maybe a Sierra and so I pulled a small pontoon boat at a lake house that's I like the convenience of a pickup truck and so I want to keep a pickup and of course Texas everyone sell out we fly and so it's nice to have a vehicle of slightly above the flood waters but I just don't need one you lifted that high

JERRY: I totally understand. I will tell you that I like the Tuscany package and for those who don't know Tuscany is a converter they do conversion packages to pickups and they do a great job but I don't see it being a collector's item if because you're used to a full-size truck now I've got the Ranger coming up next week so I can't tell you much about it until after I've had it for a week but Colorado has been great the canyon it's been great. How much is this boat and trailer weigh

CHRIS: it's a small one that's probably a couple of thousand pounds.

JERRY:oh yeah either either one it would do it even with the four-cylinder but but I do I do sort of worry sometimes when people try to downsize their trucks that they find out that you know that midsize trucks just are a little bit short on room especially in the interior cab so you might look at f-150 this month because of the rebates that are out there Chevy's got some big rebates one thing that popped into my head when I was listening to you the Ford has got a really cool set of deployable running boards on their truck in other words when you when you open the door the running boards pop out and they drop down about I'm gonna say six inches or so so if you get a Ford before f-150 with the bigger tires and wheels these are the 20s or the 22s that look great especially on a 4-wheel Drive then those running boards are really terrific so you might give that some thought why don't you I don't know how quick you're gonna do something but once you let me get this review of the Ranger down which take a week and and I'll see how it compares to the colorada in the meantime if you want to go to Tomball Ford and talk to Jorge and take a test drive in one and both the Ranger and the f-150 and see what you think then I would suggest that you do that I've got Classic Chevy Sugarland for the Silverado or the Colorado and you could also look at the Tacoma in a midsize but I tell you the ride on the Tacoma is pretty rough a lot of people like that but coming out of a full-size Chevy truck it might be a little bit of a stretch for you we'll get you through this just stay in touch with me and let me see what this Ranger is all about and we'll go from there.