Deadly Self-Driving Uber Accident Update

Uber self-driving vehicles remain off the roads in Arizona, more than two weeks after a deadly accident involving an autonomous Uber killed a pedestrian. Not just due to Uber’s immediate action to suspend the pilot program in its test cities. But also because on orders of Arizona Governor Doug Ducey, the Arizona Department of Transportation commanded Uber to suspend its autonomous vehicles operations.

Meanwhile, there are reports some of the victim’s family members have settled with the company, even as the National Transportation Safety Board continues to investigate.

Last week, according to Reuters, a law firm representing the daughter and husband of 49-year-old Elaine Herzberg said it had reached a settlement with Uber. Terms were not disclosed. Since then, Reuters reports more family members, Herzberg’s mother, father and son, have come forward represented by a different attorney. Few other details have been released.

Self-Driving Uber Crash

The accident which occurred March 18 in Tempe, Arizona is believed to be the first pedestrian accident involving an autonomous vehicle.

Video of the crash from the self-driving Volvo XC90’s vehicle cameras captured what happened that Sunday evening as Herzberg crossed a street outside a crosswalk with her bicycle. The Uber driver appears to be looking down seconds before the accident.

You can see the footage below, but be warned some of it is disturbing and not suitable for all viewers.

Tempe, Arizona police, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, as well as the NTSB, continue to investigate. You can read the NTSB’s press release dated March 21 here.
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Al W.
The company was wise to settle for their apparent incompetence ; "self-driving autos" , what a stupid joke that is .