Decorate Your Car For Halloween & What to Do If Your Car Gets Egged

Halloween Nissan Sentra
Nissan partnered with local high school art students to celebrate Halloween and introduce careers in automotive design. The students put their artistic skills to use decorating a 2020 Nissan Sentra. Credit: Nissan.
Itís going to be a different kind of Halloween this year for many, with the ongoing pandemic putting a damper on traditional trick-or-treating. Instead of trick or treaters out and about (and drivers, please remain cautious for those who are still partaking in the activity this year) you may see more cars decked out for Halloween this year, instead. At least thatís Nissanís answer to making Halloween more palatable this year. It partnered with a local high school near its North American headquarters to come up with a Halloween themed 2020 Sentra and weíll provide some of Nissanís decorating tips below.

If Your Car Gets Egged

However, if there is one thing that is bound to remain the same this Halloween, itís that, pandemic or not, there will always be pranksters. Lots of things can happen on Halloween, but getting your car egged is one of the WORST. It happened to me a few years ago, and I am sure it was random, but the results could have been bad had I not known what to do. Thank goodness I saw it before I left for the day.

As harmless as eggs seem, they can actually wreak havoc on vehicle paint surfaces and cause long-lasting, permanent damage. The yolk that's now smeared all over your car has to break free somehow, and the impact of the egg hitting your car causes shell fragments to burst over the surface in sequential rings, which cause scratches. Depending on the proximity of the pitcher, these scratches could be buffable or they could pierce the clearcoat, and sometimes even chip away paint to reveal the metal body beneath. Not only are the shells a danger, but the actual yolk and egg white are extremely corrosive to paint surfaces, and can actually eat into the car's surface if left on too long.

You must act fast if this happens because, unfortunately, with eggs, if you snooze, you lose... a layer of paint, that is. If itís not removed immediately, an egg will cause permanent damage to any and all paints, no matter how well waxed and/or maintained the vehicle is. So, if you're waking up to a sunny-side-up quarter panel, the damage will have already been done.

Should this happen to you, shoot all you can off with water and get the car to a professional detailer ASAP. Most dealerships have them if you don't know anyone else. Egg will eat right through your clearcoat, and ultimately your paint if left alone and exposed to the sun. Also, call your insurance company and let them know in case a problem arises later that could result in a lot of expensive paint repairs.

Hereís what to do:

  1. Clean the surface as much as possible with water.
  2. Use the pressure from a hose to clear off the dried egg so that you don't rub minuscule bits of eggshell around the surface (which would cause more scratches than you already have to deal with).
  3. Once you've cleared the surface, take a closer look at the area. If the paint has been etched away -- the surface will feel rough -- then a repaint is necessary; otherwise, you'll be left with a permanent scar. Often, the egg will cause the paint to look foggy or faded, which can also only be corrected by repainting the car. If the eggshells caused no damage and you got to the egg in time, an overall wash with soft detergent may do the trick to mask the nasty prank.

Also, the color of your car will help; lighter shades -- such as silver, white and beige -- won't show as much scarring as black, blue or dark green. So if you have a garage you can put a car in, leave the lighter color out unless there is a huge difference in the value of the cars.

Decorate Your Car

Eggs aside, there are some fun ways to decorate your car for Halloween that wonít involve causing permanent damage and Nissanís come up with a few ideas. Check out this 2020 Nissan Sentra. Nissan teamed up with advanced art students from Hillsboro High School, located near the company's North American headquarters in Franklin, Tennessee, to give it a Halloween look all its own.

Halloween Nissan Sentra
Halloween Nissan Sentra
Halloween Nissan Sentra
Halloween Nissan Sentra
Halloween Nissan Sentra
Credit: Nissan.

The special, student-decorated Halloween edition of the 2020 Nissan Sentra is on display in the lobby of the company's North American headquarters.

The students also sat down virtually with Nicole Fonseca, senior design manager at Nissan Design America, to talk about careers in automotive design. Fonseca created the orange exterior color Sunset Drift ChromaFlairģ for Nissan.

"While Halloween is a great time to be crafty, students need more opportunities like this, where they are given different outlets to be creative," Fonseca said. "I didn't know color design existed as a career path, or even car design when I was in primary school. So, I've made it my mission to tell students that these possibilities exist for them."

Here are Nissanís tips for decorating your own vehicle this year:

Tips for Decorating Your Car

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