Fastest & Slowest Selling New & Used Vehicles In America

The Chevrolet Corvette is the fast-selling new vehicle in America, according to March data from iSeeCars. The Toyota RAV4 Prime plug-in hybrid, which is pretty hard to come by since itís only available in select markets, comes in at number two on the list. When it comes to used cars, the Kia Telluride is the fastest-selling, followed by the Mazda Miata roadster.

The data comes from iSeeCars. Overall, according to the siteís monthly analysis, the fastest-selling new cars in March 2021 were mainly full-size SUVs and alternative-fuel vehicles, including newly released hybrids and plug-ins. For used cars, the list was dominated by luxury and sports cars.

iSeeCars analyzed 1.5 million new and used cars sold in March to determine the hottest vehicles that sold the quickest from dealer lots. Here are last monthís top 10 fastest-selling new and used cars: (the full list of 20 vehicles is included in the study) and you can check out the full iSeeCars article for more analysis by clicking here.

Fastest-Selling New and Used Cars in March 2021

New Cars
Used Cars
New Car
Days to Sell
Used Car
Days to Sell
1.Chevrolet Corvette9.4Kia Telluride25.9
2.Toyota RAV4 Prime10.2Mazda MX-5 Miata26.5
3.Kia Telluride14.1Hyundai Palisade28.5
4.GMC Yukon XL14.3Chevrolet Corvette29.6
5.Cadillac Escalade ESV15.6BMW 4 Series29.7
6.Cadillac Escalade15.6BMW 4 Series29.7
7.Hyundai Elatra (Hybrid)16.1Tesla Model 329.8
8.Toyota Tacoma16.3Porsche 91129.9
9.GMC Yukon17.5Land Rover Range Rover Velar30.2
10.Lexus IS 35017.5Honda Civic (Hatchback)39.4
New Car Average47.4Used Car Average39.4

Top 20 Slowest-Selling New Vehicles in March 2021 - iSeeCars Study

Average Days to Sell
Average Price
1.Ford Fusion177.1$22,830
2.Ford Fusion Hybrid173.7$25,476
3.Dodge Grand Caravan150.1$26,601
4.Honda Fit137.7$18,562
5.Ford EcoSport107.2$22,549
6.Honda Insight102.9$26,645
7.Lincoln Nautilus100.1$51,535
8.Chevrolet Trax98.6$21,245
9.Dodge Journey95.5$22,483
10.Mitsubishi Mirage95.4$15,754
11.INFINITI QX6095.2$48,412
12.Kia Niro94.3$25,609
13.Nissan Pathfinder87.5$34,165
14.Honda Civic85.4$23,184
15.Mitsubishi Outlander84.0$25,008
16.Chrysler 30081.5$32,062
17.Ford Mustang81.3$40,504
18.Nissan LEAF80.2$37,099
20.Ford Escape79.0$27,735
Average for All New Vehicles47.4$36,942

Top 20 Slowest-Selling Used Vehicles in March 2021- iSeeCars Study

Average Days to Sell
Average Price
1.Buick Encore GX109.3$24,423
2.Cadillac XT671.0$50,475
3.Chevrolet Bolt EV68.2$19,027
4.BMW 2 Series66.0$37,095
5.Buick Envision62.0$23,551
6.Lincoln Nautilus61.1$41,895
7.Volvo XC4060.6$35,164
8.Volvo V60 Cross Country55.1$31,038
9.Chevrolet Blazer54.8$33,579
10.Cadillac XT454.5$33,877
11.Ford Ecosport54.0$17,013
12.Chevrolet Trax53.6$15,613
13.Genesis G7053.5$35,187
14.Mazda Mazda3 (Hatchback)52.5$21,879
15.Ford Edge51.5$23,704
16.Ford Escape51.4$17,791
17.Tesla Model S50.8$53,126
18.Mazda Mazda3 (Sedan)49.8$19,614
19.Buick Enclave49.3$27,997
20.Volvo XC6048.8$32,163
Average for All Used Vehicles39.4$26,211

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