Fastest And Slowest-Selling Vehicles In America

Subaru Ascent - Fastest selling car
Credit: Subaru
In the car industry, you often hear the term: days supply. Dealers and automakers track this number closely. As a dealer, it is your guide to whether you are overstocked or under stocked with inventory.

Simply put, the measure is this: If no more vehicles were coming into your inventory, how long, at your current sales pace, would it take to run out of cars? The optimum number in the industry is 60 days.

Some vehicles sit on the lot twice as long as the 60-day guide, some even longer. Other vehicles sell out in fewer than 60 days, and if that is the case, these are the vehicles that are hardest to get for most dealers because they are selling quickly.

Here are the top 20 vehicles that are selling the fastest, or in other words, sit the least amount of time before being purchased. These numbers are based on full-year 2018. Not much has changed in the first four months of 2019 except the Kia Telluride, which would be #1 on the list if we had the 2019 stats. In case you were curious, I also added the top 10 slowest selling vehicles.

Fastest Selling Vehicles:

VehicleAverage Days on Lot
1. Subaru Ascent19.9
2. Volvo XC4020.2
3. Cadillac XT422.6
4. Subaru Crosstrek 25.6
5. Lincoln Navigator30.6
6. Honda Insight31.9
7. BMW i339.9
8. Nissan Kicks40.4
9. Acura RDX41
10. Audi Q742.5
11. Mercedes GLS42.9
12. Lexus NX43.5
13. Honda CR-V44
14. BMW X344.5
15. Audi Q545
16. Chevy Traverse45
17. Lexus GS45.5
18. Mercedes GLC45.8
19. Lexus LS45.8
20. Hyundai Kona48.8

10 Slowest Sellers:

VehicleAverage Days on Lot
1. Mitsubishi Lancer195.3
2. Volkswagen Touareg194.1
3. Volvo (2018) S60177.9
4. Fiat 500160.3
5. Chrysler 200157.6
6. Mercedes E-Class156.1
7. Chevy Impala147.7
8. Jaguar XJ146.3
9. Fiat 500L146.2
10. Audi A7143.6
How about doing this type of list for PIckup Trucks, 1/2 thru 1 Tons, both 2 and 4 wheel drive??
Amy P.
Unfortunately the info is not that specific, I wish it was, it would be interesting!

Jerry Reynolds
Dave Hansen
This is quite interesting to see the top and bottom of the list, but is there a website that has these statistics (days supply) for ALL the passenger vehicles that are sold in America? And, is there a similar list for motorcycles?

Amy P.
I don't know of one to be honest and these don't come out often. Hopefully in the future we can get more specifics.

Jerry Reynolds