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A long-time CarProShow listener and newsletter subscriber shared this with me after watching my video last week about the guy intentionally throwing his automatic transmission car into reverse at 70-miles per hour. This is a sad story:

Watching your video of the guy throwing the car in reverse going 70 brought back some old memories. Evidently, GM technology has come a long way. Back in 1967 Rick Rickles, who owned Rickles Chevrolet- Cadillac in Spur, Texas, about 60 miles east of Lubbock and from whom we had bought some vehicles, was demonstrating to 3 women the new feature on the new Cadillac that you could throw the car in reverse and it wouldn't do anything. He got out west of town and up to about 70 mph and threw it in reverse and it locked the back wheels and rolled and killed him and hurt the three ladies, but thankfully didn't kill them. I forgot what that cost GM, but it was a bunch for back then.

-Ken Vickers

In part, his obituary read:

Funeral services were held Friday in the First Methodist Church for Adrian M. "Rick" Rickels, 54, a prominent Spur businessman and civic leader.

Rev. Clarence Stephens officiated, assisted by Rev. W.D. McReynolds.
Mr. Rickels was killed last Wednesday about 3 p.m. when the new Cadillac he was demonstrating to three Lubbock women overturned two miles west of Spur. The women were apparently not seriously injured.

Investigating officers said the back wheels of the car apparently locked.

Mr. Rickels had just completed a three-year term as mayor of Spur. He had also served as City alderman. He was a member of the Methodist Church, Spur Masonic Lodge and a veteran of WWII. He was a project director of the Migratory Health Program being administered in this county.

A memorial fund has been established in his name. Contributions may be sent to Lester Ericscon, Spur, Texas.

He was the owner of the few General Motors Dealerships that sold all five cars made by General Motors.
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