Feedback On True Story #22: Golf

Here are some of my favorite comments on our website from last week’s True Story, which was about my golf experiences. By the way, if you have missed any of the previous stories, they are all at the bottom of my FAQ page.

Bobbye Jamison:
Jerry, big fan of your radio show and been a newsletter subscriber for many years, and have enjoyed it. However, the first thing I look at every week is your car dealer story. This one about golf may be my favorite. I had you figured for a golfer, boy was I wrong. Kevin running into the lake was not a surprise, however. Keep the stories coming as long as you can! Thanks for all you do.

These stories just keep getting better and better, Jerry. You mentioned early on in this story that you used to live near a golf resort that failed but eventually became a nature preserve. In my case, I once lived between both a golf resort and a “nature preserve” in San Diego. I also wasn’t very good with golf, but the “nature preserve” made up for it… being one of the most popular nude beaches in southern California! And, I never took a mulligan on anything I ever, uh, “witnessed” at that preserve.

Bob S-
The Golf story cracked me up! I cannot believe that guy bounced his check after winning a new pickup. Surely somebody got pictures of Kevin in the lake, if so I sure would like to see it! Keep up the great stories, I haven’t missed a one.

Photo Credit: Tomacco/Shutterstock
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