Feedback On True Story #27: Auto Collections

Here are some of my favorite comments on our website from last week’s True Story, which was about my fight with Ford to stop them from owning dealerships. By the way, if you have missed any of the previous stories, they are all at the bottom of my FAQ page:

Sonny Morgan-

I was there in that meeting Jerry! Your description is spot on. Brought back a ton of memories! Jim O’Connor is to this day, the genuine article! Love that guy! Thanks for helping out this young Ford Dealer! I’d look forward to your weekly communications and leadership. When I moved to Lincoln Mercury and became the SW Region Dealer Council Rep, I used a lot of your leadership style to communicate with my dealers! I tip my hat to you taking on such a huge responsibility and the success you helped guide and direct in a real tough time in the Motor Company’s History! Thanks again my friend!

Steve Shipley-

What a great read to brush the dust off those memories. I can remember this like it was yesterday. Our owner at the time would share all this with us. Jim O’Connor was definitely the right guy at the right time, as was Jerry Reynolds. Jac the Knife….not so much.


AND that Jerry Reynolds is why you have been a successful Ford Dealership Owner, and continue to be the car buyer’s best friend. You are honest, have integrity, we as car buyers feel you are there just for each one of us. We all love and appreciate you. Think after all this, Ford realized what a value they had in you. You are the best friend to each of us.

Glenn Karon-

The auto industry lost out Jerry when you retired from auto retail; you are meant to lead one of these giant auto companies and given your common sense approach and people to people skills, you would re-establish “America First” when it comes to holding the lead in the auto industry. The great loss would be to us, your listeners, fans and admirers if and when such a call comes. Good job Jerry!!

Jim Frame-

Jerry, one of the greatest qualities in a man is that he can be kind, open, and helpful, but as once was said, he is a velvet covered brick. You have those characteristics. I admire you for many reasons, but you exemplify the man that we all can admire and follow your example. Thank You for being YOUl

Credit: Ford
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