Feedback On True Story #28: Sports

Here are some of my favorite comments on our website from last week’s True Story, which was about my memories of working with sports personalities. By the way, if you have missed any of the previous stories, they are all at the bottom of my FAQ page:


LOL! It just cracks me up that you, uh, “confiscated” two of Jerry Jones hand towels to share with your wife! Wow, what a great story. With each of these stories, we get a rare glimpse into what your world was like. I’m always both fascinated and entertained. Amazed, even! You DO realize that all of these remembrances are so worthy of a published book?

As always, thanks, Jerry!

Ronald P-

Super cool & entertaining!! Never had opportunity to meet Cuban or Jones but meeting Troy Boy was interestingly cool!! During the time NFL players were on strike, I was a guest player of insurance mogul Bobby Cline at the famous “men-only” Preston Trails Golf Club.

After a fabulous lunch dining in the company of Lee Trevino, Lanny Wadkins and Mike Modano, which of course, Lee was the master of conversation(s), our foursome adjourned to warm-up on the practice tee. As I was finishing hitting the most amazing 8 irons EVER, I turned to go change clubs and up walks Troy Aikman with his hand extended–and says, “Hi, I’m Troy Aikman”–to which I shockingly replied, “YOU SURE ARE!!”

After laughingly introducing myself I said, “man, I sure wish you were still playing ball” to which Troy says, “I wish somebody was–don’t they know announcers need a job too!!”

No one invited me home, so I didn’t get any towels!

Think about that “book” idea mentioned earlier, Jerry $$$$$$$

See ‘ya on the radio!!


“Letting” Jerry Jones “sell” you on an ad deal better for you than the one before, AND gaffing his embroidered towels! Awesome moves!

These stories are great. And yes, you have had, and are having, a great run.

You must live right.


Jerry, outstanding story. I know you are smarter than Jerry Jones, and I know you got the better of the deal for the dealers you represented.

The main thing is you do and say everything with the utmost integrity.No amount of money can make up for that.

Your other stories, like this one, tell your tale of honesty and doing things the right way (except for that little towel heist).This country needs more people like you.

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