Feedback On True Story #29: Blue Oval

Here are some of my favorite comments on our website from last week’s True Story, which was about the struggles I had as a result of a new initiative by the Ford Motor Company. By the way, if you have missed any of the previous stories, they are all at the bottom of my FAQ page:


Sorry Jerry. What a scam that FORD played on it’s dealerships. It reminds be of a National Convenience Store that I was sent to Manage. I turned the store around to where it was making a profit. The corporation then closed the store and I was informed later that the store was one that the corporation counted on for a loss. Wish they had told be to begin with, I could have helped to make it the best store with a loss.


I look forward to your stories each week, please keep writing them. My favorite is still the test drive with the lady in the rear camper, too funny.

Thanks for what you do, I enjoy your opinions and reviews.


Wow Jerry. A Jacques Nasser story that tops the last one you told. During his term at Ford, Ford owned Jaguar. I followed things closely because I was a steady Jaguar customer at the time. I was furious about the things he was doing to Jaguar that I think hurt that mark in a way that almost sank it. I had no idea he was pulling the same nonsense at Ford. Do other manufacturers treat their dealers in similar ways?


Just a guess, but the Ford dealers you represented had no idea what you went through, and had no appreciation of it.You don’t seem like the kind of guy to toot his own horn.They owe you a debt of gratitude that cannot be repaid.Your series has been wonderful to read, you make things so easy to understand.I follow the auto industry and nobody writes as well or is willing to share as many stories as you have.Standing ovation for you!The same sense comes across on your radio show, which is why I never miss a minute of it.

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