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If you missed last week’s last week’s True Story, it was about a man in Dallas who had horrible luck with a 6.0-liter Ford diesel. He pasted lemons all over it. I did not sell it or service it but got involved when he called the Car Pro Show. I had already seen a picture of the truck in D Magazine.

I sold my dealership not long after I got him a new truck with help from Ford. I had hoped for a happy ending for this man, he was a really nice guy.

I found him on Facebook last week and sent him a copy of the True Story feature that was based on him. It was great to reconnect with him, but the story did not end as I had hoped. Here was his reply:

Hey Jerry, Thank you so much for the article. To this day I tell this story over and over and I do include how much of a help you were. If you were a Dodge dealer, you would have at least 50 customers just from my recommendation. You were my savior when it came to this particular problem. Thank You So Much!!!

Just so you know “The Rest of the Story” that 2006 Ford you put me into did great until there were 10,000 miles on it. Then it started the same thing the 2004 did.

I went straight to Dodge & traded it in for a 2008 Dodge Dooley & have been a Dodge customer ever since, buying over 15 Dodge trucks & vans.

I am sure that Ford has corrected a lot of problems they had with that particular engine & truck, however, because of their poor customer service, I probably will never buy a Ford product again.

Again, thank you so much for your help in that matter and if there is at any time I can help you with a Flagpole, Flag, or purchasing any Dodge products from you, please call.

I am forever indebted to you.


Steve Symonds, President

Symonds Flags and Poles

Irving, TX

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