First Quarter 2021 National Sales Numbers (All Automakers)

Toyota Sienna
Toyota has sold 26,578 Siennas year-to-date, up from 11,876 in Q1 of 2020. The all-new 2021 Sienna went on sale last fall. Credit: Toyota.

We finally got the first quarter 2021 sales numbers, with all automakers except Jaguar Land Rover reporting as of today. Not sure why they can’t get it together like the rest, but it is what it is.

These numbers will look skewed when compared to first quarter of 2020, as Covid-19 took over the auto industry in early March 2020. Assembly plants closed, dealerships were closed or severely limited. The public was scared and unsure how safe it was to go car shopping. All this wreaked havoc on March 2020 sales.

This March was a different story. Pent-up demand got people out as America started to reopen. Although there were spot shortages in new vehicles, the incentives were strong and the used car market went sky-high, making it easier for people to trade.

Of significance, for the first time in a long time, Toyota was the sales leader for Q1, edging out Ford by a pretty good margin. This will be interesting to watch for the balance of the year.

I’ve got the first quarter 2021 numbers for you, by automaker, and how they fared versus a year ago, but again, no conclusions can be drawn by that comparison.

Toyota528,813Up 22%
Ford492,301Up 1%
Chevy425,106Down 2%
Honda309,203Up 14%
Nissan266,482Up 15%
Jeep197,545Up 8%
Hyundai175,352Up 30%
Ram162,920Up 16%
Subaru160,426Up 23%
Kia159,550Up 16%
GMC131,239Up 10%
VW90,853Up 21%
Mazda83,258Up 23%
Mercedes-Benz78,256Up 15.5%
Lexus74,253Up 32%
BMW71,433Up 20%
Dodge63,988Down 28%
Audi54,840Up 33%
Buick45,783Up 35%
Chrysler39,737Up 32%
Acura37,888Up 33%
Cadillac37,277Up 23%
Mitsubishi28,231Down 21%
Volvo27,239Up 40%
Lincoln25,410Down 1%
Infiniti19,071Down 25%
Porsche17,368Up 45%
Genesis8,222Up 107%
Mini6,285Up 20%
Alfa Romeo4,646Up 25%
Maserati1,570Up 3%
Fiat815Down 28%
Bentley660Down 7%
Lamborghini640Up 13%
Rolls-Royce330Up 5%
McLaren300Down 17%
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