Full Q3 Auto Sales, All Automakers Reporting

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Been an interesting year for the auto industry to say the least. After a good start to 2020, Covid-19 hit and brought everything to a screeching halt, including assembly plants. As things started to open up a little, production of new vehicles was very slow to ramp up, primarily due to suppliers that were also shut down. This caused a severe new vehicle shortage.

The frustrating part for many in the car business is that consumer demand is there, but the inventory is not.

When the September and third quarter numbers came in, the auto industry was off only 9% this quarter versus the same quarter in 2019, and while that represents about 375,000 sales, I think that is much better than many thought.

Here are your Q3 2020 sales by brand, and how they fared versus the third quarter of 2019:


Kia 165,013 Up 3.9%
Lexus 75,285 Up 2%
Mazda 74,411 Up 6.9%
Acura 39,664 Up 1.6%
Chrysler 31,870 Up 8%
Volvo 30,349 Up 11.1%
Mitsubishi 24,857 Up 1.6%
Porsche 15,548 Up 5%
Alfa Romeo 5,056 Up 17%


Ford 532,580 Down 4.8%
Chevrolet 450,317 Down 11.2%
Toyota 483,164 Down 12.7%
Honda 348,769 Down 10.6%
Jeep 222,212 Down 9.5%
Nissan 203,783 Down 32.6%
Ram 175,175 Down 2.2%
Hyundai 170,828 Down 1.9%
Subaru 169,446 Down 8.8%
GMC 132,747 Down 5.7%
VW 86,446 Down 7.6%
Dodge 71,936 Down 30.9%
Mercedes-Benz 69,631 Down 9.4%
BMW 69,570 Down 16.2%
Buick 49,163 Down 2.9%
Audi 47,893 Down 16%
Cadillac 32,965 Down 17.5%
Lincoln 27,554 Down 1.4%
Infiniti 17,367 Down 30.2%
Land Rover 15,900 Down 22.5%
Mini 9,064 Down 11.9%
Jaguar 4,700 Down 23.6%
Maserati 1,500 Down 45.9%
Fiat 1,102 Down 53.3%
Genesis 3,745 Down 23.6%
Lamborghini 405 Down 41.8%
McLaren 340 Down 37%
Bentley 320 Down 36.9%
Rolls 270 Down 38.4%
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