Full-Year 2019 National Auto Sales Results

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I should have had a lot more time to look over and analyze the 2019 sales numbers, but Ford could not report sales last Friday like every other automaker that sells cars in America, but I digress.

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Looking at full year 2019 sales, it was a bit of a mixed bag. Sales for the full year of 2019 fell just over 1% from all of 2018, but as I noted on the show last week, there was one fewer selling day in 2019, which means the 1% loss number was probably a gain, but the numbers are the numbers.

In 2019, Americans bought 17,108,156 new vehicles. In 2018, that number was 17,318,961. On a positive note, fleet sales were much lower last year than they were in 2018, meaning better profits for the automakers.

For me, the most significant stat is the U.S. auto industry topped 17 million vehicles for the 5th straight year, which is somewhat mind-boggling. In five short years Americans have purchased or leased over 85 million new vehicles, yet the average age of the car on the road is still over 11 years old.

In some of the more contested segment races, it jumped out at me that:

  • Ram trucks outsold Chevy trucks for the first time ever. Ram did 633,000 with Chevy doing 575,000. Both lagged Ford, however, which registered 896,000 pickups.

  • BMW outsold Mercedes-Benz for the first time since 2015 for the luxury crown. BMW did 324,000 to Mercedes 316,000.

  • The Ford Mustang took the sports car crown, topping Dodge Challenger and Chevy Camaro.

  • In the SUV race, as I predicted months ago, the RAV4 topped the Honda CR-V by a handy margin.

  • Toyota Camry edged out the Honda Civic to take the top car title.

Here are all your 2019 sales by brand, including total volume and how the automakers fared in 2019 versus 2018. I am giving them to you this time in alphabetical order so you can easily go straight to your favorite car company to see how it did.


BRAND 2019 Sales +/- From 2018
Acura 157,385 Down 1%
Alfa Romeo 18,294 Down 23%
Audi 224,111 Up 0.5%
BMW 324,825 Up 4.5%
Buick 206,926 Down 0.1%
Cadillac 156,250 Up 1.5%
Chevrolet 1,942,039 Down 3.7%
Chrysler 126,972 Down 23%
Dodge 422,888 Down 7.3%
Fiat 9,204 Down 4.2%
Ford 2,284,425 Down 4.3%
Genesis 21,237 Up 113%
GMC 564,950 Up 1.5%
Honda 1,450,985 Up 0.3%
Hyundai 699,771 Up 1.4%
Infiniti 117,708 Down 21%
Jaguar 31,005 Up 2.5%
Jeep 923,292 Down 5.1%
Kia 614,613 Up 4.2%
Land Rover 84,736 Up 2.8%
Lexus 298,112 Down 0.6%
Lincoln 112,107 Up 8.2%
Mazda 278,550 Down 7.25%
Mercedes-Benz 352,129 Up 0.8%
Mini 36,165 Down 17.2%
Mitsubishi 121,049 Up 2.5%
Nissan 1,227,972 Down 8.6%
Porsche 61,568 Up 4.1%
Ram Trucks 703,023 Up 17.7%
Subaru 700,117 Up 2.95%
Tesla 195,125 Down 1.2%
Toyota 2,085,206 Down 6.2%
Volkswagen 363,322 Up 2.62%
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