Halloween Risk: What To Do If Your Car Gets Egged

If your car is going to get egged, it will probably be next Wednesday night. Lots of things can happen on Halloween, but getting your car egged is one of the WORST. It happened to me a few years ago, and I am sure it was random, but the results could have been bad had I not known what to do. Thank goodness I saw it before I left for the day.

The Damage

As harmless as eggs seem, they can actually wreak havoc on vehicle paint surfaces and cause long-lasting, permanent damage. The yolk thatís now smeared all over your car has to break free somehow, and the impact of the egg hitting your car causes shell fragments to burst over the surface in sequential rings, which cause scratches. Depending on the proximity of the pitcher, these scratches could be buffable or they could pierce the clearcoat, and sometimes even chip away paint to reveal the metal body beneath. Not only are the shells a danger, but the actual yolk and egg white are extremely corrosive to paint surfaces, and can actually eat into the carís surface if left on too long.

What to Do

Unfortunately, with eggs, if you snooze, you loseÖ a layer of paint, that is. If not removed immediately, an egg will cause permanent damage to any and all paints, no matter how well waxed and/or maintained the vehicle is. So, if youíre waking up to a sunny-side-up quarter panel, the damage will have already been done.

  1. Act fast. Clean the surface as much as possible with water.
  2. Use the pressure from a hose to clear off the dried egg so that you donít rub minuscule bits of eggshell around the surface (which would cause more scratches than you already have to deal with).
  3. Once youíve cleared the surface, take a closer look at the area. If the paint has been etched away ó the surface will feel rough ó then a repaint is necessary; otherwise, youíll be left with a permanent scar. Often, the egg will cause the paint to look foggy or faded, which can also only be corrected by repainting the car. However, if the eggshells caused no damage and you got to the egg in time, an overall wash with soft detergent may do the trick to mask the nasty prank.

Car Color Matters

Also, the color of your car will help; lighter shades ó such as silver, white and beige ó wonít show as much scarring as black, blue or dark green. So if you have a garage you can put a car in, leave the lighter color out unless there is a huge difference in the value of the cars.

In Summary

Should this happen to you, shoot all you can off with water and get the car to a professional detailer ASAP. Most dealerships have them if you donít know anyone else. Egg will eat right through your clearcoat, and ultimately your paint if left alone and exposed to the sun. Also, call your insurance company and let them know in case a problem arises later that could result in a lot of expensive paint repairs.

Photo Credit: The Dealers/Shutterstock.com
Pete W.
Livermore Toyota was the local Car Pro dealer suggested for me in Newark Ca. I can't say I was happy with the whole experience. A San Jose dealer had a more friendly sales staff and with a Costco discount the price was excellent. I just love your Saturday radio show and refere people to Jerry's car reviews often. Pete Weber. Happy owner of a new Tacoma TRD.
Jerry R.
Hi Pete! Sorry to hear you weren't happy with your experience. Did you end up purchasing from Livermore Toyota or another dealer? You can email me at amy@carprousa.com. Thanks for listening to the show!
Lee .
(For Jerry) Eggs on Halloween. Waaaaay back around 1970 when I was 21 I left a party about 2am in my Navy Blue 1964 VW. I'm dressed as a devil 6"3",with the horns pointy tail , red makeup and red body suit. I didn't drink but was very tired and had to drive aways. Driving down a suburban street. And this teenage girls jumps in front of my car and throws eggs accurately with both hands. Scares the heck out of me! I was swerving and trying not to hit her. I am angry and run up to the house that she ran into and pounded on the door. "Get out here and clean my blank car, NOW!!" Her mom comes to the door and stares at this big, incredibly angry devil.
"Your kid hit my car with eggs and I want it washed off NOW!" I screamed. She made the daughter come out and hose it off. I jumped back in the car and went home. Only then did I realize I was still dressed as the devil.
And you are right. In the morning I saw the holes broken through the paint. And for some reason in those days they used some kind of off-white primer below the navy blue paint. It always bugged me. I was too poor then to repaint it.