How Ford Plans to Replace Three-Quarters of Lineup by 2020

Ford has a pretty ambitious goal for 2020: to replace three-quarters of its lineup.

The automaker outlined some of those plans this week, which include building a still unnamed small utility vehicle pictured in the sketch above.

Ford says its goal is to offer Americaís ďfreshest lineup among full-line makers by 2020, replacing more than 75 percent of its current portfolio and adding four new trucks and SUVs.Ē All new Ford vehicles will also have 4G LTE connectivity by the end of 2019.

Hybrids and All-Electrics

A big part of its new vehicle push will be to electrify current high-volume models, like the F-150, Mustang, Explorer, Escape and newly returning Bronco. Theyíll be equipped with Fordís new hybrid system which Ford says is more efficient and less expensive than previous generations.

Ford Future Hybrid Vehicles
Fords Future Hybrid Vehicles. Credit: Ford
Fordís new performance battery electric utility arrives in 2020. It is the first of six electric vehicles coming by 2022 as part of the companyís $11 billion global electric vehicle investment.


Trucks also remain a huge part of Fordís plans. The company says its share of the full-size truck market has grown 1.3% following the 2014 debut of the redesigned Ford F-150.

Ford Truck Line-up
Ford Truck Lineup. Credit: Ford.
Hereís whatís ahead:

  • 2018: New 3.0-liter Power Strokeģ diesel engine for F-150, updated version of the popular F-150 Raptor
  • 2019: Ranger returns to midsize truck segment; new F-Series Super Duty debuts
  • 2020: New F-150 debuts with new hybrid powertrain featuring a mobile generator


Ford also has big plans for its SUV lineup. Itís reallocating $7 billion in capital from cars to SUVs so it can expand its lineup to eight SUVs by 2020. Five of those will offer hybrid powertrains and one will be all-electric.

Entirely new versions of the Escape and Explorer debut next year; combined, these two models make up 70 percent of Fordís SUV volume. The subcompact EcoSport just arrived in the States, meanwhile, the all-new Expedition came out last year.

We canít leave out the new Bronco off-road model thatís coming as well.

Covered Ford Bronco
Ford Bronco
SUV sales are estimated to grow 20 percent Ė more than double the industry rate Ė to more than 950,000 by 2020, according to LMC Automotive, and surpass 1 million by 2021.

Performance SUVs

There is a whole other category of SUVs, too, and thatís the performance arena. Fordís performance division has grown 81-percent in the last four years and is on track to grow another 71-percent by 2020.

New Ford Edge ST
New Ford Edge ST. Credit: Ford
Fordís all-new Edge ST rolls out later this year, and an Explorer ST will soon follow. Ford says itís part of the 12 new models promised by the brand by 2020.

Co-Pilot360 Safety Technology

Ford is also introducing Ford Co-Pilot360, a new driver-assist technology package. The Co-Pilot360 Protect package just launched as standard equipment on the 2019 Fusion. The suite of safety features includes automatic emergency braking with pedestrian detection, blind spot information system, lane keeping system, a rear backup camera and auto high-beam lighting. There is another higher-level Assist package that adds adaptive cruise control with stop and go.

Ford Fusion Co-Pilot360
2019 Ford Fusion Co-Pilot360. Credit: Ford.
Photo Credit: Ford
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