Incentive Spending by Automaker in October 2019

Credit: iQoncept/Shutterstock
As I have been saying for a while now, many of the automakers have taken a strategy of raising vehicle prices to allow for bigger incentives.

Mercedes-Benz spent the most money per vehicle in October 2019, approaching the $6000 mark, and Subaru spent the least, staying just under $1250.

Here are the incentive dollar amounts per vehicle by brand and how that amount compares to October 2018:

Mercedes Benz: $5,808 flat
BMW: $5,683 2.4
Fiat Chrysler: $4,835 11%
General Motors: $4,683 11%
Ford: $4,576 4%
Nissan: $4,196 3%
Volkswagen: $3,824 1.7%
Kia: $3,523 6%
Hyundai: $2,564 3.9%
Toyota: $2,458 1.5%
Honda: $2,167 10%
Subaru: $1,242 6.6%

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