Itís The End Of The Month AND End Of The Quarter

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It is the end of the month next Tuesday, and the end of the second quarter of 2020, so this is the last weekend of both! Many of the incentives end on June 30th, but some are going to end on July 6th.

Itís no secret, the deals get better at month end, and when the quarter ends at the same time, it really gets good for consumers. Automakers push the dealers for volume, and dealers do whatever it takes to make a deal.

As I discussed last week, used car values are through the roof. If you have a trade, especially a truck or SUV, the timing is incredible. Low new vehicle prices combined with high used prices combined equal big savings.

Nobody knows what the future holds, but timing-wise, it seems to me that the moon and stars have aligned for great deals through June 30th. I think theyíll be good through July 6th, but the dealer push through this weekend will be strong.
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