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Judy from Houston, TX Has Questions about 2017 Honda CRV

Judy from Houston, TX Has Questions about 2017 Honda CRV

JERRY: Right now we go to Judy in Houston. Judy welcome how can I help you? 

JUDY: hi we have a 2017 Honda CRV when the turbocharged engine yes and my husband's been reading articles about the problems they're having with ethylene somehow getting into the oil yes and he called yesterday and spoke with the dealership and they suggested he call America Honda and American Honda said well you take it and you get in it and go to take it to a dealer for a diagnosis and then we'll decide what we're going to do or currently currently they're doing some fixes in like five states and are saying that it's due to the cold weather that's causing this problem 

JERRY: It's exactly right as have you guys experienced it? 

JUDY: Yes when our oil smells like gasoline okay and my husband who's taken a sample that he was going to send off but we're going on a Monday to have the oil changed and asking them to you know kind of do the same thing look at it and see if they can recognize the same problem JERRY: They will. They'll do a they'll start with a fresh all change and then they'll monitor it they'll probably ask you to bring it back at around 3,000 miles to gauge it which i think is a good idea that's the first case of this I've heard in Texas we had a we had an article in our free newsletter just last month on this issue so but it was contained primarily to cold-weather States and I mean really cold so I'm a little surprised that you're having it but the way I know Honda they will stand behind it and they will get it fixed for you and it won't cost you a thing I I have no worries about this.

JUDY: Well we yeah when we when we checked it after my husband had recessed read several articles and it says you know you should check your oil and if it's overly full which it was it was higher than it should have been and intial ensign we've had the oil change in less than three thousand miles but probably close so he's going to take it in on Monday and send off the samples that's the best thing we do you think we can do at this point? 

JERRY: yeah because what they're what they're looking for and especially in Texas because we haven't seen cases of this I asked two Toyotas excuse me Honda's service managers in Dallas if they had seen a case of this they had not and these were two big dealerships but what you're going to want to determine is it do you really have the problem or did the last person who changed your oil and filter overfill it and the only way to do that is to carefully put the exact amount of oil in there and then watch it and see where it goes from there luckily you got a Honda and they stand behind what they sell this is this the fix on this thing by the way seems to be pretty simple and so that's good news it's not gonna be like a internal engine overhaul or anything like that so just do do what they recommend stick with them and you'll come out just fine I will promise you that