June U.S. Auto Sales Results

Winners & Losers street sign
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We did not get sales results in time for last week’s abbreviated newsletter, but at least we have results from every automaker since the unpopular decision by Ford and General Motors to only post quarterly results. Fiat Chrysler will join the party starting now, so we won’t see any numbers from them until the first of October.

When all was said and done, June sales were down just over 2.5% from June of 2018, but Americans still bought over a million and a half new vehicles.

Looking at individual brands, there were way more losers than winners, but still overall sales through the first six months of 2019 were pretty good. Even with a slower pace, sales for 2019 are tracking to apex right around 17 million sales by the end of the year, a number that a decade ago was just a dream.

Here is a list of the winners and losers for June 2019 versus June 2018:


  • Genesis: up 137%
  • Ram: up 45%
  • Mitsubishi: up 10%
  • Volkswagen: up 9.6%
  • BMW: up 7.6%
  • Porsche: up 6.4%
  • Subaru: up 2.8%
  • Hyundai: up 1.5%
  • Mercedes: up .7%
  • Volvo: up .6%
  • Kia: up .4%


  • Audi: down .3%
  • GMC: down 1.1%
  • Lexus: down 2.9%
  • Toyota: down 3.5%
  • Chrysler: down 4%
  • Buick: down 5.5%
  • Land Rover: down 5.6%
  • Honda: down 6.1%
  • Infiniti: down 8%
  • Cadillac: down 8.4%
  • Jeep: down 11.6%
  • Chevrolet: down 14.7%
  • Mazda: down 15%
  • Nissan: down 15.3%
  • Acura: down 16.4%
  • Dodge: down 16.8%
  • Ford: down 18.3%
  • Lincoln: down 18.3%
  • Jaguar: down 19.5% to just 1,892 sales
  • Mini: down 22% to just 3,235 sales
  • Alfa Romeo: down 29% to just 1,595 sales
  • Fiat: down 35% to just 933 sales
  • Smart: down 41% to just 74 sales nationally
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