Lucid Motors Teases New All-Electric Car

Lucid Motors EV
Credit: Lucid Motors
I said on the Car Pro Show Saturday, I may have found my next car and I am pretty excited to drive one.

Lucid Motors will soon unveil the production version of its new all-electric luxury sedan. The company, based in Silicon Valley, is highlighting the soon-to-debut production version of the Lucid Air in a video ahead of its global debut in New York in April and says it seeks to set new standards for sustainable transportation with its advanced luxury EVs.

The video shares the name of the Lucid Air's launch edition, as well as several key design elements. Designated the "Dream Edition," launch versions of the Lucid Air will be available in three colors, including a special color only available on Dream Edition cars. A hint of that color is shown in the video along with key design elements such as Lucid's Intelligent Micro Array LED lighting technology, the expansive glass canopy roof, and the script specially developed for the Air logo. The glass canopy roof was inspired by the original concept vehicle, serving to further elevate the airiness of the cabin and underscore the car's name, while the elegant Air script was chosen to reinforce Lucid as a luxury brand.

"With just two months to go before we unveil the production version of the Lucid Air to the world, we couldn't wait to start sharing just a few of the small but thoughtfully developed details of the car," said Derek Jenkins, VP of Design, Lucid Motors. "We've placed as much emphasis on the overall design of this car as we have on the core engineering and proprietary technology that goes into it, so we expect the public to be very taken with its look, its feel, and the new level of luxury it delivers."

Lucid will unveil the production version of the Air in New York in April of 2020. In addition to the vehicle's final interior and exterior designs, new details on production specifications, available configurations, and pricing information will also be shared.

Currently, in-house development on what is intended to be the world's most advanced electric car continues at a rapid pace, including battery packs with unmatched energy density and electric motors that are incredibly powerful yet efficient. Lucid is manufacturing 80 beta prototypes at the company's Silicon Valley headquarters, which will be used for comprehensive testing and validation for key vehicle dynamics, as well as crash testing to confirm exhaustive simulations.

Full details of the Dream Edition and the entire Lucid Air model range will be shared in April in New York.
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