Mark Your Calendars: 2018, 2019 Corvette Production Dates

Photo Credit: Chevrolet
If you want to order a 2018 or 2019 Corvette get your calendar out and mark these dates.

2018 Corvette Production

The National Corvette Museum is confirming that Chevrolet will end production of the 2018 model early this year. This means the last date to order one is November 16th. Right now, planned volume is just shy of 9,700 units, making it one of the shortest model years. Car Pro Show host Jerry Reynolds says it’s a low volume model year because Chevrolet knows they’ll be hard to sell and dealers are not going to be anxious to order them.

You can also now order one in a new Sebring Orange hue. Those will reportedly start rolling through Chevy’s new state-of-the-art paint shop in December. 2018 production is scheduled to end the week of January 22.

Also note, if you’re thinking about the 2018 65th Anniversary Carbon Edition, shown below, less than 100 of the 650 cap are left.

65th Anniversary Corvette Carbon 65 Edition

2019 Corvette Production

For those of you looking ahead to the 2019 model, mark your calendar for November 30th. That’s when order books open for the new model year. The 2019 models start rolling off the line the week of January 29, 2018.

So what changes can we expect for the new model year? Not many. According to the museum, a new 2019 order guide will be out on November 20th but expect the current colors and options to carry over.

Dates to Know

The National Corvette Museum put together this nifty calendar to keep us all apprised of the situation:
  • October 27 – 2018 Corvette unallocated sold orders cut off
  • November 6 – GM Plant Re-Starts 2018 Production in the new Paint Shop
  • November 16 – Final date to order a 2018 Corvette
  • November 20 – 2019 Corvette Order Guide Released
  • November 30 – 2019 Corvette Order Books Open
  • December 11 – 2018 Sebring Orange Corvette Production Begins
  • January 22 (week of) – 2018 Corvette Production Ends
  • January 29 – 2019 Corvette Production Starts
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